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Your goals. your dreams.
your future.


What's in a name?

Yuva is a gathering place. From the Turkish word for “nest”, Yuva is a safe place. A place to grow. A place to come together. I am Ahmet Sumer and I've spent my entire professional life building relationships and taking great care of the people I serve. Leaning on experience, I help wealthy clients navigate the sometimes complex world of personal finance.

After two decades on Wall Street, I moved to sunny southern California to create the next professional chapter of my life and to start a family. Now after a few years in the sun, I have moved to independence. Independence means freedom for me, and also for my clients—I now offer clients conflict-free advice and solutions unencumbered by a parent company’s philosophies or proprietary investment products.

My deep passion for getting to know people is unequaled. Many clients become friends and once you get to know me, I hope you'll see why. I'm proud to be a giving, compassionate family man and I have tremendous passion for relationships extending deep into the community.



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